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Flexible Solar Panel
L-Series Sunpower cell with max efficiency Ultra lightweight Max 50% flexibility UV resistance Highest Translucent Tamper -free screws or bonded directly to surface Salt water resistance Convenience Size:customized Junction box is protected by silicone from against of moisture H-series Robust construction Tamper -free screws or bonded Directly to surface Max 2.5cm flexibility Rugged and tough design Durable Versatile Salt water resistance Max 5 year warranty M-Series Max 35% Flexibility Aluminum /Stainless steel Substrate Salt water resistance Dupont ETFE coating UV Resistance Highest Translucent Tough Lightweight and Durable Dispel high temperature quickly Stepped on in soft soled shoes Tamper-free screws or bonded directly to surface
Folding Solar Panel
Sunpower cell ultmate strengh and efficiency Extra-thick 1680D canvas Reinforced eyelets Ultra light weight Roughness ETFE surface Scratch -resistant Detachable 5-stage digital PWM controller Anderson plug&cables Genuine 5 -year warranty 0~+3% Tolerance
Portable Solar Panel
Portable Solar Panel
RV Glass Solar Panel
Premium performance for caravans and motor homes 25 years output warranty Stand alone or permanently
Solar Charger
C-Series Ultra Lightweight No sewing Design Intergrated lamination Creative Appearance Colorful design Highly duralbel :ETFE coating Bual USB output F-Series Ultra lightweight Highest Efficiency Fast charging Foldable design for easy transport ,water resistant Highly Durable :ETFE coating Dual USB output
Solar System Kits
Solar System Kits
Solar System
Solar System
Solar Accessories
Solar Accessories
Widely used in real estate, lawn vehicles, yachts, golf carts, light roofs and so on..
Mono-crystalline flexible solar panel Features:
  • Non-glass design
  • Fully weatherproof $lightweight design
  • Unbreakable protective plastic film coating
  • Very easy for installation
  • ETFE material coating surface
  • Durable surface is less than 1/8” / 3mm thick
Flexible solar panel with 1 years warranty.
Top Material
FP series: Made of Top fiberglass base, this solar panel is lighter and softer than aluminum. This material also combines better with ETFE film than aluminum or plastic back sheet.

This flexible solar panel is the safety maximum withstand system voltage up to 100DV service life of 10 years followed by the appearance of the battery does not exist white C point, more in line with the aesthetic needs of the user.
Very high efficiency,The Multi-grid battery is less affected by cracks, has more interconnection points, power generation features can resist cell cracks or fractures, and reduce crack failures. So you’ll enjoy outstanding performance and savings for decades to come
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