Flexible Solar Panel

L-Series : Sunpower cell with max efficiency, Ultra lightweight, Max 50% flexibility, UV resistance, surface Salt water, Waterproof IP67

H-series : Robust construction, Max 2.5cm flexibility, Rugged tough, Salt water resistance, Max 5 year warran

M-Series : Max 35% Flexibility, Aluminum /Stainless steel Substrate, Salt water resistance, High Translucent, Tough Lightweight, Dispel high temperature quickly, walkable



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Portable Solar Panel

Multi-USB ports can charge multiple mobile devices at the same time

LED Signal lamp easily inform the charging status

Magnet handles for easy carrying

Folding Solar Panel

Sunpower cell, ultmate strengh efficiency, Extra-thick 1680D canvas, Reinforced eyelets, Ultra light weight, Roughness ETFE surface, Scratch -resistant, Detachable 5-stage digital PWM controller, Anderson plug&cables, Genuine 5 -year warranty


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This product is suitable for RV &yacht & outdoor camping

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ShenZhen Bright Solar Co., Ltd. was established in 2009, we are specialized in Design,Research,Manufacturing a wid range of special solar products,such as flexible solar panel,Semi-flexible Solar Panel,fiberglass solar panel,glass solar panel & Special Frame Solar Panel,Providing a Whole Solution for Solar outdoor dits,Solar Moveable House,Solar Bus Stop & Shelters, Portable Solar System,Solar Billboard,Solar Golf,Solar Tile,Sunroof,Solar Charger and so on.We are dedicated to provide the solutions to our customers and show our designs for any products which would like to apply solar panel into your products.

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    200+ customized designs professional solar solutions and customized products

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    Solar panel annual output

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    Already provided lightweight solar panels and services to 1000 customers

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Specialize in designing and developing innovative PV Solar Panels products, extend products toPortable Solar Chargers, Small Solar Power Kits,New Solar Application Product .

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