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ShenZhen Bright Solar Co., Ltd. was established in 2009, we are specialized in Design, Research, Manufacturing a wide range of special solar products, such as flexible solar panel, Semi-flexible Solar Panel, fiberglass solar panel, glass solar panel & Special Frame Solar Panel, Providing a Whole Solution for Solar outdoor kits, Solar Moveable House, Solar Bus Stop & Shelters, Portable Solar System, Solar Billboard, Solar Golf, Solar Tile, Sunroof, Solar Charger and so on. We are dedicated to provide the solutions to our customers and show our designs for any products which would like to apply solar panel into your products.


Specialize in designing and developing innovative PV Solar Panels products, extend products to Portable Solar Chargers, Small Solar Power Kits,New Solar Application Product .

Products Lines

Rigid Solar Panels
Monocrystalline solar panels
Polycrystalline solar panels
Flexible Solar Panel
Semi Flexible solar Panels
Lighweight solar panels
Foldable Solar Panels
RV Glass Solar Panels
Portable Solar Panels
Solar System Kits
Solar Charger
Solar Accessories

Corporate History

Bright Solar development history

  • 2005


    Bright Solar founder Ms. Qi entered the solar industry.

  • 2009

    Company establishment

    Ms. Qi founded and established ShenZhen Bright Solar Co., Ltd.

  • 2011

    registered brand "Bright Solar"

    ShenZhen Bright Solar Co., Ltd. officially registered its own brand "Bright Solar"

  • 2015

    Passed ISO9001:2015

    ShenZhen Bright Solar Co., Ltd. passed ISO9001:2015 quality system certification

  • 2016

    Develop international market

    Bright Solar opens foreign markets and provides solar panel design, products and services to 100 customers in Europe and Australia.

  • 2018

    Total output of 20MW an annual

    Bright Solar has entered a period of rapid development, and established a professional design and R&D team to serve many high-end solar energy companies abroad, with an annual total output of 20MW.

  • 2019

    Leader in lightweight solar panels

    Bright Solar adds the company new positioning to become the leader in lightweight solar panels and the first brand of customized products.

  • 2020

    Best Outstanding Enterprise

    Bright Solar was awarded the "Best Outstanding Enterprise" honorary award by Shenzhen Solar Photovoltaic Industry Association

  • 2021

    Served More Than 1,000 Partners

    Bright Solar has successfully established itself in foreign markets, and has served more than 1,000 partners, making great contributions to the solar industry.


Our Team

Bright Solar

Advantage to show

  • Unmatched Price Advantage

    Building on our yearlong expertise and profound local insights in PV material sourcing and product development in the Greater China region, we can provide cost-efficient PV components, products and system solutions without compromising on quality!

  • Outstanding quality

    With the certificate of ISO, RoHS, CE, etc, and automated production line, we can professionally provide high quality products.

  • International & Multilingual Team

    Bright Solar's international team has more than 12 years of solar industry experience. We communicate with our customers in English, Chinese and provide them with technical service 24/7

  • Broad Product & Component Portfolio

    We take pride in offering our customers a uniquely broad portfolio of common PV components, innovative and practical solar products and complete systems. Whatever solar you are looking for, Bright Solar is your one-stop solar-shop!

  • The professional producing experience of solar panel for 11 years

    Accumulating the experience for more than a decade, Bright Solar has become a company with mature technology and management system

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