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Benefits of flexible solar panels

                                                                     Benefits of flexible solar panels


The biggest advantage of flexible solar panels, and why they are made in the first place, is their portability. Whether it used be on your boat, RV, or other application, a flexible solar panel can be taken almost anywhere. With simple installation steps, you’re also able to easily transition your flexible solar panel to power different off-grid systems.


Flexible solar panels are very lighter and smaller than traditional solar panels because they use thin polymer as opposed to many layers of glass, metal, and thick solar cells used by their rigid

Easy installation 

Unlike traditional solar panels which need to be mounted to a racking system, flexible solar panels can be installed simply with an adhesive and glue.. The easy installation process is one of the reasons flexible solar panels are such a popular choice among customers looking for portable panels.

With flexible solar panels offering a flex of up to a degrees, they’re able to be used on curved surfaces where rigid solar panels cannot. This could be on the curved top of a van or an uneven surface on an RV roof.

With their lightweight frame, they’re also able to be installed on weaker more fragile surfaces without causing any damage.