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15W 18V Solar Car Battery Charger

Ultra Lightweight Highest Efficiency Highly Durable :ETFE coating Alligator battery clamp and cigarette lighter plug Bright Solar car battery maintriner can charge 12V batteries With the power of the sun and creat energy Keep your battery topped up with solar power ,even if the weather is overcast or dull . Good for vehicle of all size: Motocycles ,Cars Trucks ,RVs and Boats
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  • Model Number: BS15-FSC-M(P)
  • Brand: Bright Solar
  • Max Power Pm(Wp): 15W
  • Max Working Voltage (Vmp): 5V
  • Solar Cell: Mono
  • Product Dimension: Folded Size:265*200*18mm,Unfolded Size:595*265*15mm,
  • Cells Efficiency: 21%
  • Warranty:
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Model BS15-FSC-M(P)
Power 15W
Max Working Voltage (Vmp) 5V
Max Operating Current(Ipm) 3A
Open Circuit Voltage (Voc) 6V
Short Circuit Current (Isc) 3.3A
Product Size Folded Size:265*200*18mm,Unfolded Size:595*265*15mm,
Weight 0.4Kg
Solar Cell Mono
Efficiency 21%
Tolerance 0~+3%
Construction Surface PET,EVA,Backboard PCB

Strength PET laminated on the Solar Charger,canvas material of outer cover, high temperature resistant,dust proof and IPX4 waterproof performance, increase the solar power charger's outdoor durability aganist any weather.Great choice for outdoor activity such camping, climbing, hiking,etc..Solar Charger Follow the Sun, Power Your Life!

-Dual USB3.0 smart charging

-Type-C smart fast charging

-Portable & Foldable

-Can be hung on a backpack or tent

Product information

  • Mobile-Phone-Solar-Charger-Specifications.pdf Download
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